11 Ways to Rock Your Landscape

Rocks and Landscaping

Natural stone is desirable inside and outside of the home.

But rocks can be tricky. If you are not strategic about where you put them, they can look sloppy and random. However, when executed well, stones can help create a beautiful look.

Different types of rocks bring a different tone and feel to your yard. Tawny beach pebbles will offer a warm feel to your garden, while white marble chips can be great for brightening an area up or adding white to a black and white space. Flat terracotta stones pair well with palm trees and other tropical plants. Black lava rocks are perfect for a more minimalistic, modern style.

Stones are worth the investment because they are durable, last forever, and require very little maintenance. Since rocks last a very long time and can be a bit pricey, make sure to do your research and choose a look you love.

If you want to go one step further, you can enhance your outdoor space with landscape lighting.

Here are 11 ways to incorporate beautiful rocks into your landscape:

1. Consider Rock Over Mulch

First, rocks are prettier than mulch. Beyond that, stones have many advantages over mulch as a groundcover. Rocks are more durable. Rocks pretty much last forever, while mulch usually needs to be replaced every season. Rocks can add color, style, and contrast that mulch doesn’t.

Rocks can also act as a barrier to weeds, making it more difficult for weed to grow around your beautiful garden. However, we recommend installing a weed barrier on the ground before putting the stones down for better weed prevention.

2. Use Rocks as Part of Your Drainage System

Why not camouflage your French drain with pleasant pebbles? You can install a French drain using attractive and valuable stones. As part of our landscape drainage services in Naperville, we can help you.

3. Create a Rock Garden

Any garden will bring appeal to your backyard, but a rock garden can be the perfect way to add a unique and exotic flair to your space. Install a few small boulders in an area that gets plenty of sunlight. Then surround the boulders with an abundance of tiny flowers. Lastly, fill in the gaps with little stones for a completed rock garden.

4. Use Rocks for a Centerpiece

You’ve heard of a centerpiece for your table but have you thought about a centerpiece for your yard? A large boulder with personality can be the perfect focal point for your outdoor space.

5. Use Rocks as Garden Cornerstones

Herb gardens smell great, and the herbs are useful for cooking, but there’s no reason they can’t be beautiful as well. Utilize natural stones to create borders around your herb gardens for a clean and sophisticated look.

6. Build a Stone Fire Pit

Do you have an outdoor kitchen and love to entertain? A round fire pit is perfect for incorporating your favorite stone and building something practical as well.

7. Design a Stone Entrance

A stone entrance to your home is the perfect way to add curb appeal and give your guests easy access to your front porch. Adding a beautiful stone entrance can add value to your home and prevent people from walking on your lawn to get to your front door.

8. Build a Stone Fence

A stone fence can add just the right personality to your front or backyard. You can use stones of different shapes and sizes to give it natural character and charm. It’s incredible how a stone fence can completely change and enhance the look of your space while adding privacy at the same time.

9. Use Rocks for Your Poolscape or Pond Border

Rocks can be a perfect way to bring a naturalistic feel to your outdoor pools and ponds. Surround the perimeter of your pool with rocks for an outdoorsy feel. It can feel like you’re going to a lake right in the comfort of your backyard.

You can do the same to your ponds and streams. A stone border can give your pond a naturalistic feel and even help create a fairytale look when paired with colorful flowers and lots of greenery.

10. Get Creative with Container Gardens

Container gardens are beautiful and can be very easy to maintain. If your containers are within reach of your sprinkler system, you won’t even have to water them.

  • First, line the area with a weed barrier and then set the containers over it.
  • Next, cut holes in the barrier, allowing the bottoms of the pots to fit through and settle into the soil.
  • Assure that the pots have proper holes for drainage.
  • Lastly, surround the containers with rocks of your choice.

This will create a beautiful, low-maintenance container garden that you don’t have to water manually every day.

11. Design a Stepping Stone Path to Your Home

A stone path is another element that can completely transform the look of your outdoor space. A stone path is a practical way to fill an area alongside your home that doesn’t get enough sunlight for plants to thrive. It’s also a great way to stomp off dirt before stepping into the house. A stone path is both beautiful and functional.

We love the natural look of rocks in many forms. As landscape builders in Naperville, we love to get creative and put our skills together to help your vision come to life.