Yard Drainage in Lisle

Homeowners in Lisle take pride in keeping the exterior of their homes looking tidy and beautiful. Despite the harsh winters, front and back yards explode each spring and summer with beautiful annuals and perennial plantings that make the warmer months well worth waiting for.

One convenience of living in our area is that the annual precipitation levels make watering lawns, gardens, and flowers a snap. You can often go for days on end without having to turn on the sprinkler. On the other hand, if there is poor drainage on your Lisle property, all the rain and snow can cause a lot of stress when puddles sit for days or even weeks after a major storm. When you bought your Lisle home, you were probably not anticipating having to deal with a drainage problem. And if that problem has gotten worse over time, you may have been left wondering what to do or simply waiting for all the water to dry up—all over again.

The Dangers of a Swampy Yard

Standing water on your Lisle property is certainly annoying. First of all, it looks terrible and can detract from the enjoyment you would otherwise have at summer parties and barbecues. Your neighbors probably agree that a swampy yard is an eyesore. Worse is that stepping around or into mud just to get inside your home or to get to the kids’ toys or swing set is irritating and frustrating and causes messes indoors that you just don’t need. If your yard has standing water, you may notice a foul smell or that it has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, which certainly can ruin your enjoyment of your backyard.

As time goes on, what had been merely a nuisance can turn costly or even dangerous. Treasured plants and trees may sustain damage as continuous exposure to water eats away at the soil, waterlogging and damaging plants’ root systems. And if the standing water is located close enough to the house, your foundation can actually be damaged over years of being exposed to excess moisture. Even if the foundation isn’t damaged structurally, water can seep into your basement or crawlspace, causing the homeowner’s worst nightmare: mold growth. Left unchecked, mold growth can and does spread to any porous materials used in the construction of the home, potentially causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage and a host of respiratory and other health problems for your family.

Do I Need a French Drain?

If standing water is a problem on your Lisle property, we are likely to recommend the installation of a French drain. There may be certain superficial changes that can help to reroute water, such as changes to plantings or driveways, but more often than not, an issue with grading, heavy clay soils, or uneven terrain is the cause of excess water. The advantage of a French drain is that, once installed, it takes care of your drainage problems fully and permanently. Luckily, installing a French drain is an efficient and cost effective process that will eliminate your standing water problem as soon as it’s completed.

Installing a French Drain in Your Lisle Home

Our first step is to provide Lisle homeowners with a free, no commitment assessment of their outdoor space. We make sure to uncover all the reasons that excess water is collecting in your yard. Once we decide that a French drain is the right solution, we choose a route through your yard that is ideal for water to flow away from your home towards the street or other area far from your property. Next, we dig a precision trench that will contain the drainage system, carefully digging to the correct depth and width that will perfectly accommodate the drainage pipe. To ensure that the land is properly graded for water to flow downwards and away from the property, we use a laser to guide our work. Once the trench is established, we carefully place collection basins and fill it with a layered system of clean rocks, wide perforated pipe, and landscaping fabric. Your downspouts are then rerouted so that water from the gutters will flow directly into the drainage system. Finally, we cover the trench with permeable soil and top it off with a layer of sod, which is a fantastic conductor of water.

Because we value your business and our relationship with all our Lisle customers, we offer a ten year, no questions asked guarantee on our work. If you have any pools of standing water on your property within the next decade, we will remedy the issue free of charge.

French Drain FAQ

  • Will a French drain eliminate the standing water in my basement? Yes, if your Lisle home floods regularly, a French drain should prevent this from water from seeping in when it snows or rains.
  • How long will a French drain last? A French drain should last indefinitely when installed by experts such as the experienced team at Ware Landscaping.
  • Do French drains typically require repairs? No. As long as the drain is installed by experienced professionals, a French drain should not break down as it has few moving parts.
  • Can I install my own French drain? This is not recommended. The concept of a French drain is simple, but it is not necessarily easy to do properly—despite what the DIY YouTube channels might tell you. It should be installed at just the right distance from your home on a downward slope at the right depth. Cable or plumbing wires and pipes can be disturbed if you decide to dig a trench that is deep enough to accommodate a French drain on your own, which can even result in injury or expensive damage.
  • Will my lawn need to be regraded? It depends. If required, we will make the necessary adjustments to the slope of your property to ensure that excess water is able to flow away from your property and out to the street or other remote location.

Lisle Homeowners Prefer Ware Landscaping

Lisle could be said to be the ideal place to raise a family, and it has shown up as one of the top communities in the country to raise a family on more than one national list. As a Lisle resident, it is likely that you agree with this sentiment. Lisle’s local amenities are truly hard to top. One of the most entertaining and engaging days you can spend in Lisle has to be at the famous Morton Arboretum. The facility’s 1700 acres contain hundreds of thousands of plants belonging to over 4000 species. It is an enchanting location complete with hiking trails, a visitor center, a library, a hedge maze, treehouses, a troll hunt, and gigantic unique statues—all right in Lisle. In the summer, a favorite place to cool off is Sea Lion Aquatic Park. Kids love its numerous pools, waterslides, sand play area, splash playground, and tot pool. The park caters to adults as well with its lap pool, leisure pool, and snack bar, which means that you don’t even have to take the time to pack a lunch before heading out for a day in the sun.

The Ware family has lived in the Lisle area for generations, so serving our community is second nature to us. We are proud to have gained the trust of so many Lisle residents, and we’d love to add your family’s name to that valued list.

Don’t leave the safety of your home and yard to chance. Ware Landscaping is Lisle’s most respected and trusted drainage professional, given our decades in the business of outdoor home care and improvement. Whether you have a minor or major drainage problem in your yard, or if you’re looking for the experts to take lawn care, snow removal, holiday light installation, or other maintenance tasks off of your hands, call us today. Our experienced team is ready to be of service!