Yard Drainage in Downers Grove

From the quaint downtown environs to the comfortable and expansive suburbs, Downers Grove residents would be forgiven if they rarely venture very far from home. And never mind that you’re only 20 miles west of one of the greatest cities in the world – you could easily forget this fact with a visit to Downers Grove’s Lyman Woods, with its array of plant and animal life, butterfly garden, and activities for all ages. Downers Grove has some of the biggest draws in the Chicago metro area.

Of course, Downers Grove residents like to protect their investment in their homes, especially given that the weather presents continuous challenges in the form of snow, rain, and even the occasional flood. Proper water drainage may not be at the top of your list of home improvement priorities; however, if you have standing water, it very well could be one of the most important improvements you ever make.

A swampy, soupy yard creates headaches that only get worse over time. What starts out as a muddy nuisance can create costly damage to your plants and trees when their root systems are exposed and soil is eroded. You might mean to do something about it, but life can get in the way. Left unaddressed, standing water can go on to damage hardscaping, undermining the placement of pavers and retaining walls that may have been sturdy for decades. The worst case scenario is that standing water may seep into cracks in your home’s foundation, weakening it and promoting mold growth in the process, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage and negatively impact your family’s health.

Your investment in your home is too important to leave to chance. The elements in the Downers Grove area are no joke, and that drainage issue that’s been in the back of your mind for years may be causing thousands of dollars of damage right beneath your feet. If standing water is a problem at your Downers Grove home, call Ware Landscaping now for a free assessment.

What Causes Drainage Problems?

Pools of water in your yard are unsightly and annoying. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore the problem, even when this muddy mess stops homeowners from using certain parts of their outdoor space until the water dries up and recedes. As time goes on, these puddles can become more than just a nuisance as they begin to cause soil erosion and damage to plantings. And if you are so unfortunate that water pools too close to your house, you could be looking at structural damage to the foundation of your home as water seeps in over months and years.

Resolving drainage problems is first a matter of determining the cause or causes of pooled water that fails to drain from your property. An obvious cause is improper grading of the yard or lawn. A well thought out home build will include grading of the land so that water will be automatically drained away from the house towards the street or other lower spot on the property. If your home is older, or has been subject to flooding at some point in the past or simply the relentless winters we often experience in the Downers Grove area, the grading of your yard may need to be adjusted. But grading is not the only cause of standing water. Certain soil types that become tightly compacted can prevent water from draining efficiently. Even a leaky sprinkler system or cracked, aging gutters can cause excess water to pool around the yard. Whatever the cause, swampy puddles on your property threaten the safety of your Downers Grove home and must be remediated before they are allowed to cause structural damage or mold growth.

Effective Drainage Solutions

There are many ways that our team at Ware Landscaping can address the annoying and intrusive puddles of water that threaten to ruin your yard. Depending on the causes and extent of the problem, it may be possible to make changes in plantings and hardscaping features in order to direct the flow of water to areas of your yard that will allow it to disperse harmlessly. For instance, replacing a concrete driveway with pebbles or installing a channel drain may do the job. Catch basins or rain barrels may also help—especially if you have only minor or occasional issues with excess water pooling.

Most often, we choose to install a French drain when Downers Grove homeowners approach us for a one and done solution to their excess water issues. A French drain is an underground tunnel that utilizes a wide pipe and rocks to pull water from lawn level and direct it completely away from your property. This is an easy and cost-effective solution that takes care of your excess water problem overnight.

We stand by our drainage solutions with a ten-year guarantee. Once we’ve installed a French drain on your Downers Grove property, we guarantee that standing water will be eliminated from your yard, or we will fix it for free for a whole decade. We are proud of our work ethic and we want you to feel completely safe and happy with your choice to work with Ware.

Why Downers Grove Homeowners Choose Ware Landscaping

Ware Landscaping has a solution for every one of your outdoor homecare needs. From lawncare in the summer to holiday light installation and removal in the winter, we want to be your partner in making your outdoor space safe, attractive, and inviting.

Mike Ware has been in the lawncare business ever since he was a teenager cutting lawns for pocket money in the 90’s. Since 2000, our team has been serving Downers Grove and the surrounding areas with landscaping services, lawncare, snow removal, drainage solutions, patio and driveway installation, and so much more. We are your one-stop shop for any improvements that need to be made to the exterior of your home. When you work with us, you are supporting a family-run business and keeping your dollars here in Downers Grove where they can continue to support your community.

Our landscaping services consider every factor that affects your family’s outdoor living space. It may be fun to go to the garden center to choose a carful of plants, but will they survive for more than one harsh Downers Grove winter? We begin by evaluating the soil in your yard, sunny and shady spots, dining and play areas, and pets. Would you benefit from increased privacy or shade? We consider all of these factors and more. Only then do we choose plants that complement the style of your home and yard, thinking ahead to what these plantings will look like three, five, and ten years down the road.

Drainage may not the most exciting home improvement project, but taking control of the problem before it becomes damaging and costly preserves your investment in your Downers Grove home while making your yard and entertaining space more functional. Once these issues have been resolved, then it’s time to really make your backyard shine with professional landscaping, a custom built firepit, a new patio or deck, or a custom lighting or sound system. We can handle all of these improvements for you—and more.

Don’t ignore those swampy puddles that pop up after every rain or snow storm. Call Ware Landscaping today for your peace of mind, and know that we will treat your Downers Grove home as if it were our own!