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Organic Lawncare

Organic Lawn Care Services in Naperville and Chicago


Ware Landscaping now offers organic lawn care. We proudly use Healthy Grow Holganix — an all natural, non-burning blend of ingredients promoting overall turf and plant quality. Organic Lawn Care is safe and non-toxic for children and pets. It also helps protect the environment from harmful chemicals found in conventional fertilizers and pesticides. Our organic lawn care program can be added to any of our landscaping maintenance packages and is available for both residential and commercial clients. Many homeowners associations (HOA)are also switching to organic health care to keep soil rich.

Holganix has been applied to the granules to provide the non-plant food ingredients. It is naturally high in calcium,an essential nutrient that promotes strong and healthy plants.

  • Combination of Healthy Grow + Holganix Delivers diverse soil biology and sustainable nutrition.
  • High levels of indigenous beneficial bacteria and fungi in the bag.
  • Low odor – indicative of complete composting process, no ammonia smell.
  • Homogeneous pellet
  • Versatility- broadcast applications on turf, incorporate at verification, apply to landscape planting beds, underlay sod, seedbed preparation.

Learn more about the benefits of organic lawn care in our blog!

Recommended Organic Applications
April – holganix and pre-emergent early spring app, May- holganix 10-3-2 late spring app,

July- holganix slow release fertilizer and grub control, August- holganix 10-3-2 early fall app, November- Holganix 2-4-3 winter app. Spraying for broadleaf 5 times a season, spraying weeds in the flowerbeds.

10 applications

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