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Landscaping Renewal

Lawn Renewal in Chicago & Naperville

Spring is in the air but spring is likely not visible from your backyard after the snow melts. The end result of harsh Chicago winters is usually a dull, dirty backyard full of debris, soggy leaves and possible foliage that didn’t make it through the winter. With our landscaping renewal service, we can help you restore your backyard and prep it for a lush spring and summer.

The Landscape Renewal Process

Our Naperville and Chicago landscape renewal team will start the landscaping renewal with a free onsite estimate. During our free landscaping consultation at your home we will access if we need to remove any dead plants, debris or grass. At this time, our landscaping experts will help you decide if you also want our landscaping team to replace the dead plants and grass. Our landscape design expert can help you through the process of designing your new landscape.

We will also assess if your backyard may have any drainage issues that may result in irrigation issues such as puddles, flooding or damage to your home’s foundation or even leakages affecting your basement. If any drainage issues are found you can decide if you’d like us to install or repair your drainage issue. Learn more about Naperville or Chicago Drainage services on our dedicated drainage page or take a peek at our drainage project in Naperville, Downers Grove, Chicago and many other DuPage cities.

On the day of Landscaping Renewal, our landscape team will overhaul your backyard removing old grass and dead plants. After the cleanup and removal process, your new plants will be planted according to the design you have come up with our landscaper designer. Any salvageable tress and bushes will be properly trimmed and shaped for the season.

Don’t forget to ask about our regular landscape and lawn care maintenance programs. Book ahead of time and save money on your lawn mowing and tree trimming services for the season.

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