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Holganix Organic Lawn Care is free of harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care is not only great for the environment but it is also great for your family and pets. Instead of using harmful pesticides and fertilizers many homeowners are switching to more natural lawn care. Switching over to Organic Lawn Care, using products such as Holganix, reduces pollution and harmful chemicals. On top of that, Organic Lawn Care contributes to making your soil even healthier and nutritious creating a sustainable lawn.

Conventional lawn care heavily relies on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that on the surface make your plants and grass look great but what you don’t see are the deteriorating effects on your soil. These chemicals overtime also lessen the quality of your soil by stripping it of the nutrients essential to to providing a bountiful landscape.

Going chemical-free can help improve the quality of your soil. Pesticides tend to not only kill the bad bugs that ruin your landscape but it also kills our friends like earthworms that help keep soil fertile. With organic lawn care, you’ll find that your soil should improve and become suitable for growing lush landscapes. Natural fertilizers are a combination of natural compounds to create the perfect mixed of compost that will help keep your plants healthy.

Most importantly, switching to Organic Lawn Care keeps your family and pets healthy. After decades of studies it has been found that conventional lawn care can have some negative effects on humans and animals. Some chemicals have been found to be cancer-causing. Just think if these chemicals kill earthworms they may have some negative health implications after years and years of use. Most people go organic for the same reasons they choose to buy non-GMO, organic foods.

At the end of the day going organic isn’t a new thing, it’s the way homeowners had cared for their lawns for decades before the invention of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that have been used for the past few decades.