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Excessive raining and storms can easily make drainage issues very visible and obvious as see in the video above. However, sometimes drainage problems can be easily dismissed because they don’t look “severe.” After time, drainage issues can be costly if not addressed properly or soon enough and can not only affect your yard but can also affect the foundation of your home, flooding in your basement and even mold issues.

Here are a few quick symptoms of drainage issues. If you seen these issues frequently after you’ve watered your yard, after rain or after a heavy storm, you may have a drainage issue and it is recommended to have a drainage specialist like Ware Landscaping come out to determine if you have a drainage problem. Most drainage contractors will do on onsite quote for free like us.

1. Visible puddles in grassy areas in the yard
2. Patches of dirt that won’t grow grass and after rain become puddles or extremely muddy
3. Water gathering near downspout of your home structure
4. You hear your sump pump constantly working
5. Water sits in yard after rain fall and you notice that it sits for an extended period of time instead of being absorbed by the soil